About the Australian Piano Buyers Guide

If you are considering purchasing a grand piano, upright piano, digital piano or keyboard then this is the website for you. The Australian Piano Buyers Guide is a free booklet, full of comprehensive and up-to-date information about pianos for sale in Australia. You can download the guide or we can post the guide to your home for free!

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How do I choose the right piano?

Selecting a piano that is "just right for you" can be a challenging experience. Firstly you need to decide whether to purchase an acoustic piano, a digital piano or a keyboard. Then you are faced with another decision of an upright piano or a grand piano.

Next, there are more than 30 piano brands available in Australia including Yamaha, Alex Steinbach, Beale, Kawai, Samick and Bechstein. Many of these brands manufacture their pianos in different countries around the world which can make it confusing. In addition, there are thousands of used pianos being brought into Australia from Japan and Korea.

Your First Step

Your first step should be to request your FREE copy of The Australian Piano Buyers Guide! This is a general guide to the types of pianos for sale in music stores around Australia. It is not a discussion of brands or specific models however it will provide you with a wealth of information essential to your search for a quality acoustic or digital piano.

The Australian Piano Buyers Guide also offers important information that is relevant after you have made the decision to invest in a piano. This includes information from "How to care for your piano" to "Career opportunities in Music". Preview the guide to read more in these sections.

We welcome comments and suggestions about The Australian Piano Buyers Guide which you can submit online.

Happy reading and all the best in your search for the perfect instrument!