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Chapter One - Piano Basics

Why is the piano so popular?

The piano is one of very few instruments widely accepted in all styles of music. You can hear pianos playing concertos with orchestras, improvising in jazz clubs, accompanying folk and country and singers, as well as being played by contemporary music artists.

Keyboard, digital or acoustic...what's the difference?

Upright versus Grand Pianos

The grand piano is the earliest piano shape. It is regarded as the prestige instrument because of its...

Chapter Two - How to tell if a piano is well made

The Frame, Backposts & Soundboard

When purchasing a piano it is very important to consider its internal construction. A piano has around 220 strings that, when stretched, exert a huge force of up to 20 tonnes (approximately 20,000 kgs) of pressure on the piano! So pianos need to be...


The bridge plays an important part in sound amplification. It should be made of rock maple and planed to conform to the shape of the soundboard which ensures the right down-bearing (pressure) of the strings onto the bridge. Bridges should be...

Tuning, Action & Hammers

Child proof safety design

Some pianos provide child proof soft-close lids, also called slow-fall or slow fallboard. This is a feature on some higher level piano models that stops the keyboard lid from...

Chapter Three - How to buy the right piano

Where was it made?

Does colour affect performance?

Piano cabinets are produced in many colours; ebony (black), ivory, white, mahogany, walnut polish, Ferrari red and more.

What is a good model for a beginner?

Matching people to pianos

The best piano is the one that best matches the needs of the person who is going to be playing the piano. The following are some examples... If children are the only people who will be playing the piano then...

To buy or not to buy?

Renting is an option that may suit you and your family. You can rent an acoustic piano for under...

Purchase Options

New rental option

This is a new way to have you playing the piano of your dreams. It is called Alex. Steinbach Rental. You can apply to purchase the piano at any time. The amount you will need to pay decreases each month.

Chapter Four - New or Secondhand?

Things to keep in mind when buying secondhand

Many people look for secondhand pianos in the newspaper or receive offers from family and friends. If you are smart about it you may be able to find a good quality piano and secure a bargain. However...

All pianos deteriorate

Hidden costs

Many people ask to see secondhand pianos believing they will save money but often miss the potential down side. Unlike a secondhand car that has an odometer to let you know how many kilometres it has travelled, this is unfortunately no such indication on pianos about their usage history.

Tuning history

Is the piano played regularly?

If the seller tells you that the piano is in immaculate condition because their children lost interest a while ago and it has just been sitting in the house or in the garage and has not been used for many years, beware! This is not a positive thing because...

Approved secondhand pianos

Chapter Five - Getting the most out of your new piano


Piano maintenance or servicing is called ‘tuning’. Regular servicing is important even though the piano appears to be sturdy because of its solid construction, the piano has thousands of moving parts and is therefore quite a sensitive instrument.

Where to place your piano

Humidity control

Looking after the cabinet

Chapter Six - Developing your Skills

Eisteddfods and music competitions

Start by talking with your local music store for information on local eisteddfods or competitions. There are a number of traditional or contemporary competitions at a local, national or international level.

Music examination options

New technology

Many teachers and musicians are embracing new technology in their endeavour to find ways to improve learning outcomes. One of the best recent developments is the introduction of silent piano technology such as the Alex Steinbach Dream Piano.

Chapter Seven - Career Options



Concert Pianist

Music industry support positions

If passion for music is added to sound business management a whole new spectrum of opportunities emerge! Positions exist in sales, accounting, finance, marketing, management, administration, graphic design, IT and more. These positions are available with...

Chapter Eight - Lifestyle Pianos

History of player pianos

iQ pianos

You control your iQ piano with the bonus iPad that comes with every iQ model. Simply turn the iPad on, go to your iTunes folder and select the song or album you wish to play. Then you can adjust the volume, play or pause the music.